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About Us
Beautiful Colors has been caring and educating children since 1992. Benita Manning-Ibrahim is the founder and Director of Beautiful Colors. She received her BA and several other degrees from local Universities. She    continues to be proactive in giving back to the community through volunteer work and community outreach programs and shelters. She is also a member of several local Child Care and Small Business Organizations.The 66th Region of Epsilon Omicron honored Mrs. Ibrahim in 2013, as the award recipient for the Educator's Award for her commitment, passion,and dedication to the field of education in the Arlington Independent School District. She also sits on The Alumni Leadership Council (ALC) at Northwood University in Cedar Hill, Texas. Mrs. Ibrahim is also the creator of a  innovative style of writing Called The "Body Method" used in the facility; It gives Preschoolers the confidence in learning penmanship by using several base letters in the alphabet. William Ibrahim is the Vice President.

​                                            STAFF

 Each member of our team is required to have state mandated certifications, as well as annual Child Development Training. Our staff is dedicated to creating a loving, safe atmosphere in which children can learn, explore and create lasting memories. We could not be the best that we could be without the assistants of these wonderful staff memebers.
It is the goal of every  teacher to strive to give each child an opportunity to develop to their fullest potential mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially. Each classroom is designed to promote the positive growth,  development and diversity of each child. We truly believe children are entitled to receive protection and support; sheltered by the wings of caring adults.

We want to help children grow their own "wings" and fly. With wings they can venture into the world beyond family, school, neighborhood and color. They will be free to soar side by side with a variety of people and successfully make their way through life in this diverse world. Because the world is changing, we must prepare our children to live in the future; they are our future. We must teach our children that although we may be different the world is made of "Beautiful Colors".

                                        WE ARE A TEAM!!

"I believe I am the greatest cheerleader and coach of this team. If we encourage one another to reach for our goals and strive for success,we  will all succeed!!                                   Benita Manning-Ibrahim